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by Zulum Arkadi - Wednesday, September 13, 2017, 8:26 PM
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Happy birthday images But disillusionment soon spread. Eco to eco. The conscientiously advanced statistics kept the trend untroubled. In addition, the first signs of a receding hairline were evident in the mirror. My life was destroyed. I needed urgent help. Without informing my family, I drove secretly to my home town. There I turned to our old house doctor. To whom else? After all, he knew our family as well as no one else. He knew. He did not even need to carry out a detailed investigation. "Do not worry, Bodo, there's a couple of hairs, but you know I've known your family for decades, there's never been a case of alopecia in your exemplary family, you know Bodo, how vigilant But I think it's a good idea to have a lot of fun with it.

Yes, that's it! Too stupid that I had not come to it myself. Of course, I had a lot of stress lately. Much more than ever before. Calmed down, I left the distinguished private practice and decided to leave immediately.

Happy birthday images I let everything stand and lie, gathered the most necessary together, and the next day I was at the Baltic Sea. At this time of the year everything was empty. There was nothing to do but relax. Before the hour-long walks on the beach, I always met all the necessary measures to protect my most valuable property. At first a thin cloth of noble silk was wrapped around the head. Over it a cap. No wool - for God's sake. Finest smooth cloth in which no hair could get caught. Then the weatherproof hood. Everything tied up. The storms should not get a chance to sweep even a single hair away.

But on my lonely walks on the beach I had only one thing in mind: the monotonously rising curve in the scatter plot. For the sake of evil, clear signs of the retreat were no longer to be denied. My depression has grown immeasurably. Oh, I would have gone to the North Sea. There the flood could grab me and get out into the open sea. I grabbed the suitcases.

Happy birthday images Immediately after my return, I looked for a doctor. Here, in this city, far from the family. This time I made nails with heads and went to a specialist, a dermatologist. After a thorough investigation with a trichogram and all the pipapo, he asked me to sit down on the rather uncomfortable chair for the discussion of the situation. "Young man, you can be quite reassured, you are not sick." That was balm on my wounded soul. As he continued, the flash hit me. "They suffer from an androgenetic alopecia, happy birthday pictures which is the scientific expression for a hereditary hair loss ... blablabla ..." I was devastated. But it was not long before I caught myself again. This idiot had no idea! Such a hollow talk. As if I did not know very well what androgenetic alopecia means. Well, in one point he was right. A bald head is hereditary. But that is why it was impossible for me to get one. The only excuse I could give him was that he did not know our family at all. Happy birthday images.